Disney Halloween Nail Art

This is another Halloween design with Disney Halloween nail art stickers!

If you have already entered my Halloween giveaway, you might have noticed that I used the same nail art stickers in the giveaway package on this design. Don’t worry, I didn’t use yours! You’ll get a new one ;D

These are not water decals, so you can simply apply them like normal stickers.

Disney Halloween Stickers

  1. Apply nail polish and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Pick a design with tweezers.
  3. Place it onto the nail and seal with top coat.


Disney Halloween Nails

The description says these are for acrylic and gel nails, but I had no problem using them on top of nail polish. They are slightly thicker than water decals though, they feel a little bit like 3D.

This giveaway is ending in a couple of days, so make sure to enter!!

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