Cockatiel Nail ArtRecently, I noticed that I haven’t done any animal related nail art for quite some time. So these are what I came up with – Cockatiel Nails!!

Are you familiar with the birds called cockatiels? They belong to a parrot family and they’re slightly bigger than budgerigars (parakeets).  The bright orange patches on their cheeks are their unique and cute point, in my opinion.

I wasn’t all that into birds before, but ever since I got my cockatiel I’m in LOVE with any kinds of birds!! How simple am I? But let me tell you, birds ARE fascinating!! They consider you as a part of their flock (lol) and always so curious about what you are doing.

Anyways! Even though I could go forever talking about birds but I should stop it now, hahaha! For this design I used sky blue nail polish from the Face Shop as the base. For the french lines,  I cut a few strips of scotch tape with the craft scissors which create the lace looking shapes. Then I placed the tape onto the nails close to the free edge, and applied cream yellow polish on top. Remove the tape and hand painted the cockatiels, strawberry, cage and a ladybug.



Cockatiel NailsWhen I try to draw cockatiels, it doesn’t always turn out well, but I would call this one a success!

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