Bystander Revolution

Bystander Revolution is an organisation which encourages people to take power away from bullying. They support people who have been bullied, bystanders and also bullies.

I was not aware of this organisation until the super star nail artist Tam from @ohmygoshpolish (Instagram) showed her great support and kindly invited me to do the same! Awesome!!

So here is my version of Bystander Revolution nail art! The #tag on my thumb says “it only takes one smile” 🙂


After being inspired by Tam, I decided to draw some arms growing out of these happy fellas 😀

Bystander Revolution Nails


Another super duper coincidence happened! After completing my nails this morning, I saw a new music video from Neon Jungle (yes, I’m a fan!!), and guess what! The song is about spreading LOVE to the world and they literally said “It only takes one smile”!!!!!

HOW FREAKY IS THAT!!!! I had a “Whaaaat??!!” face for at least 2 seconds lol!

So this is their music video, if you don’t mind watching their awesomeness!! (Sorry, but can’t skip the ad!!! ugh!!)

Do you want to join this good cause?? That’s AWESOME!!!!

You can simply paint your nails in white, and draw smiley faces on them. And when you share your work through social media, don’t forget to include #itonlytakesone and @bystanderrevolution. You can find out more info about Bystander Revolution by following the link.

Thank you for visiting!! <3 xxxxx