Movember Cat Nails

Do you know about “Movember”? Movember is when men grow their moustaches to spread awareness about men’s health in November. So I decided to create these Movember cat nails for this good cause!

I like their curly gentlemen-like moustaches, and also that they’re a little bit chubby because they enjoy too much fish and scotch!


Anyway, I made a video for this design. I hope you enjoy!! Apologies in advance for my weird English 😀


Just in case you have no clue what I was saying in the video, here is a quick mini tutorial.

Moustache Cat Nails Tutorial

  1. Draw a round shape with white nail polish.
  2. Draw the ears with a skinny dotting tool.
  3. Hand paint the face with black acrylic paint. Apply top coat to complete.


Moustache Cat Nail Art

This is a matte version. What do you think of the fishbone??

Fishbone Nails


Sorry for the long post! Thank you very much for visiting!! <3xxxxx