m&m's Nail ArtThis is the last day of the 31 Day Challenge!! I did it!! I made it!! Woohoo!! To celebrate my impressive discipline (lol), I decided to do a super fun design!!


The theme of the day was “Honour Nails You Love” and I chose the FABULOUS M&M design created by a SUPER talented lady Cathy from More Nail Polish!

As you all know, all of her designs are just perfect!! So clean, neat and super inspiring! If you haven’t visited her before (how dare you!) please do that right now and follow her on all forms of social media ;D


Okay! This is how I recreated the design! Sorry, this is a long one, but I hope you like it!!

m&m's Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply white polish on all nails. (How to Apply Nail Polish Properly)
  2. Apply bright yellow nail polish on top of all nails, except the thumbs.
  3. Draw some circles, mainly around the edges, with brown acrylic paint. (How to Hand Paint)
  4. Fill the circles with white acrylic paint, leaving the thin outline.
  5. Fill the white part with multiple colours. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to fill the whole nail.
  6. Write “m” on each circle.
  7. Apply pale yellow nail polish on the thumbs.
  8. Draw dots with yellow acrylic paint.
  9. Roughly draw the background of the logo with white acrylic paint.
  10. Draw the logo with brown acrylic paint.
  11. Fill the peanut shape with yellow acrylic paint.
  12. Write “PEANUT” inside of the peanut shape. Apply top coat to complete.


This one is with a matte top coat!

m&m's Nail Art Design


It was so hard to draw this logo!! My eyes have exploded.

m&m's Nails


Congratulations to all participants of the 31 Day Challenge!! It was pretty hard for me, but it’s all over now! Let’s go get some rewards! Maybe I’ll dive into a big bowl of m&m’s!!!!

Thank you for visiting!!! <3xxxx