Stripe Nails

This is my design / experiment of the day. I drew pink and white stripes, and then decorated with acrylic 3D flowers. To create striped nails, I used pink and white nail polishes alternating after each stroke. It’s a little bit hard to explain with words, so I decided to put photos together to create a tutorial!

– Striped Nails –

Stripe Nails Tutorial

  1. Starting from right (or left) hand side, draw a line with white nail polish.
  2. Switch to pink nail polish and draw a line, slightly overlapping the white line.
  3. Add another line with white.
  4. (4 -6) Keep adding lines with the same method.
  5. Apply top coat to make the surface smooth.

This way, I can create striped nails with my favourite nail polishes instead of acrylic paints!

I hope you like it 🙂

Have a great day~!!