Blue French Nails

Day 5 of The 31 Day Challenge! I can’t believe I’m still going…phew!! 

The theme of the day was “Blue Nails” and I did an easy and simple french nails with no hand painting, just to catch my breath a little 😀

Okay! Here is the mini tutorial for these blue french nails. I hope you enjoy!

Blue French Nails Tutorial

  1. Apply white nail polish to draw one half of a love heart.
  2. Draw another half slightly closer to the free edge. (What is Free Edge)
  3. To avoid digging into the base coat/ 1st coat, hold the nail polish brush almost horizontally rather than in the angle like in the photo.
  4. Apply blue nail polish as in step 1 & 2.
  5. Place some spangles. (How to Place Spangles)
  6. Apply lines of yellow shimmer polish with the dotting tool. Apply top coat to complete.


Blue Nail Art Design

I think I’m doing too much french look lately. Hopefully I can come up with something non-french tomorrow!

Thank you for visiting!! <3 xxx