Sea Turtle Nails

The theme of The 31 Day Challenge Day 4 is “Green Nails”! When I look at my nail polish shelves, it is obvious that green is not my favourite colour. I have only one really “green” nail polish (which I don’t like that much lol) and four similar shades of mint green (almost blue) polishes. So I decided to rely on my acrylic paints to add some actual green onto my nails!

Here is the mini tutorial to show you how I made these sea turtle nails! I hope you like it.

Sea Turtle Nails Tutorial

  1. On the index, middle and pinky fingers, randomly apply a mint colour nail polish (OPI – NL B44).
  2. Add random tear drop shapes with pale blue acrylic paint. (How to Hand Paint)
  3. Switch to an aqua colour, and add another shape which looks like a water marble design.
  4. Keep adding the shapes.
  5. Switch between the colours to create a unique design for each finger.
  6. Add some lines of yellow glitter polish along the tear drop shapes with the dotting tool.
  7. Apply a thin coat of mint nail polish. Allow it to dry. (How to Apply Nail Polish)
  8. Combine three different colours of nail polish with a piece of plastic wrap, and then dab onto the nail to create an easy marble effect.
  9. Hand paint the water effect with white acrylic paint.
  10. Start drawing the turtles. Draw the head and then draw a straight line downwards.
  11. Draw the outlines of the shell.
  12. Add the legs. Apply top coat to complete.

Are any of you participating in this challenge?? It’s pretty hard… but I think this is a great opportunity to experiment with new techniques using lots of different colours!! This is fun!!

Thank you for visiting!! <3xxx