Glitter Halloween Nails

This is my Glitter Halloween Nails for the 31 day challenge! I recently bought this purple glitter nail polish (OPI – BLUSH HOUR) and have been looking for an opportunity to use it, so the theme for today was the perfect one!

As you can see on the tutorial below, I painted the background with purple acrylic paint first. That way, only a single coat of glitter polish is all that’s needed to get the gorgeous sparkles you see through the bottle, if you know what I mean…

Glitter Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Draw a syrup design with purple acrylic paint or nail polish to cover the free edge.
  2. To use nail polish instead of acrylic paint, draw some drops with a dotting tool first.
  3. And then fill the rest with the nail polish brush.
  4. Scatter some glitters onto the syrup areas.
  5. Draw the outlines around the syrup to give it more definition.
  6. Draw some halloween characters with acrylic paint. Apply top coat to complete.

I’ll make tutorials on how to draw Halloween characters another time!!

Thank you for visiting!! <3xxx