Acrylic 3D Food Nail Art Part 1Recently I entered the Good Enough to Eat Nail Art Contest held by super talented girl Leslie from Nail Polish Addiction!! Now that all the entries are posted on her blog, I can show you the details of my entry here too! I hope you like it!!

When I was brainstorming for the design, I couldn’t settle on just one food!! So I decided to gather everything I want to eat in a day, and put them all on my nails!! Yes, from breakfast to dinner!!

It took me 2 whole days but the process was super fun! I’m going to show you how this was created with lots of photos, but I don’t want to bore you with a super long post, so I’ll make it in a few separate posts.

– 3D Food Nail Art Part 1 –

Pink Glitter Acrylic NailsSo it all started like this – I used pink glittery acrylics to extend my nails.

And then, I added a tablecloth for each nail. These are the side by side photos of the tablecloths and completed designs!Acrylic 3D 1 BreakfastThis is my pinkie with a white lacy tablecloth (left). My favourite miniature breakfast will be served on this (right)!



Acrylic 3D 2 Morning TeaMy ring finger has more bright and colourful cloth. I always love to have a cup of latte and strawberry muffin for the morning tea. Oops! I stumbled on something and the latte is gonna spill!! Hahaha!


Acrylic 3D 3 LunchMy middle finger is my favourite lunch combo – pizza and salad! On the pink picnic cloth.


Acrylic 3D 4 SnackMy index finger is filled with my absolute favourites!! They are a slice of strawberry and cream cake, choc chip cookies and gummy bears! I simply place them on a piece of handkerchief, ooh! elegant!! XD


Acrylic 3D 5 DinnerAt the end of the day, I’d love to enjoy a gorgeous sushi boat at my favourite Japanese restaurant!!


I’m getting seriously hungry now! I’ll show you the close ups of these 3D food parts before being assembled tomorrow!! Thank you for sticking with me with this long post!!

There are more fun food nail art at Nail Polish Addiction. They look so fun and you can spend a whole day there!!
And if you could vote for me (No.22), I would appreciate it sooo much and I’ll love you for the rest of my life!!!!

Thank you!!