Nail Polishes From KaeAbout a month ago, I bought a few nail polishes from Kae aka The Hungry Asian (love that name!!!) She writes a blog about her beautiful nails and also makes very unique franken polishes!! (FYI, franken polishes are kind of like self-made nail polishes.) I’ve been wanting her nail polishes but they sell so fast! But finally I got my hands on some of her new collections!! I’m so excited!!


The polishes in the photo above are my haul! I bought 6 frankens from her, but there’re 7 polishes in the package!!! Yes! She included another one for free!! She is soooo generous and sweet!!! Ahhhh!! The package arrived safely with her sweet hand written message!

I’ve been making different designs using her polishes and here is one of them!

– Strawberry Nails with Kae’s franken (Strawberry) –

Tape French NailsThis polish is a beautiful strawberry red with black seeds. I wrapped my nails with strips of sticky tape diagonally, and then applied one thick coat of Strawberry.



Strawberry Nail PolishAfter removing the sticky tape. I already like this look very much!!



Apple Slice NailsI added some hand painted laces along the lines using white acrylic paint. To complete, I wanted to add a strawberry fimo slice but it comes in red and disappears in the Strawberry polish base. So I decided to use an apple slice instead!

What do you think?? The polish is lovely, isn’t it?? I’m so in love with this 😀

Thank you for visiting!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!