Festive Red French NailsYesterday, I made this Festive Red French Nails, and felt like I wanted to add something to make it more Christmassy! So I followed my instinct and re-created these simple nails to not-so-simple design.

Festive Red Nails


I made them “a little” more Christmassy with some hand painted designs and decorations such as rhinestones and bullion beads (the small gold and silver balls around the rhinestones).


– Festive Red Nails + Decorations –

Festive Red Nail ArtThe photo of the tree on top is how I started – just a simple hand painting. And then I thought “I could use some sparkles and twinkles!”. From the left, a Christmas tree and some presents, my cockatiel bird “Charming” carrying his present, a nut cracker, a teddy bear and a snowflake! All the paintings are done with acrylic paints.




On the index finger nail, I painted my cockatiel. His name is Charming and he is 1 year old. I love everything about him but his cute orange cheeks are my favourite!!

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