Layered Snowflake Nail ArtHappy New Year Everyone!! Yes, I know it’s middle of January already. My new year has been pretty crazy with a new lifestyle in a new place, and most importantly, I’m currently working on a new project! I’ll talk about it a little later but I’m SUPER excited and happy about it 🙂



Beyond The Nail AndromedaAnyways, today I have a Layered Snowflake Nail Art. I did pretty much the same thing a couple years ago (this Snowflake Nail Art), but I’ve been wanting to recreate that design since I found this amazingly beautiful nail polish Andromeda from Beyond The Nail! Oooh! Isn’t it so icy and magical?!

Here is the tutorial for this look and I hope you like it!

Layered Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial



Snowflake Nail Art DesignAs the base I used one of my franken polishes, and it’s called Samurai Blue. Since Andromeda is a sheer polish, using this dark blue polish worked well to cover the natural nails.


Small Nail Art BrushThe white acrylic paint I used is from Chromacryl, a sister brand of Jo Sonja’s acrylic paints. It has a soft body so I don’t have to spend heaps of time mixing with water. AND! My new project – my nail art brush!!! I always had trouble finding good nail art brushes in Australia, so I decided to make one.  I’ll talk about the details in another post, lots of secrets hehehe 😀


Blue Snowflake Nail ArtMy skin looks kinda thin and wrinkly because it’s still recovering from the intense cleaning trauma (lol). I really need one of those paraffin wax treatments right now! Anyways, I hope you like this design, and please let me know if you recreated it. I’d LOVE to see!!

Thank you for your visit! xx