Easy Reindeer Nails

Time flies so fast in December! These are my super easy reindeer nails from last week. I saw so many cute reindeer nails everywhere that I just had to follow the trend, haha.

I highly respect your time, so I’m not going to blah blah all day, so let’s get straight onto the mini tutorial of the day! What? I’m just being lazy? No way! πŸ˜€

Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial

  1. *Reindeer*Apply white nail polish on the index, middle and pinkie. (LakoDom – piCture pOlish)
  2. Combine brown, black and white acrylic paint and draw a reindeer.
  3. Apply dark beige nail polish to fill the face. (OH, MR DARCY! – Rimmel)
  4. Draw the details with the same acrylic paint used in step 2.
  5. Apply red nail polish onto the nose and hat with a dotting tool. (columbia – piCture pOlish)
  6. Add shines onto the nose and eyes with white acrylic paint.
  7. *Present* Apply fuchsia nail polish onto the thumb and ring finger. (shocked – piCture pOlish)
  8. Place 2 strips of gold line tape crossing at the centre. Carefully cut off the excess.
  9. Add a bow in the middle with gold nail polish using a dotting tool. (HL E05 – OPI) Apply top coat to complete.


Christmas Nail Art Reindeer

The idea of using LakoDom as the background came from Sammy’s reindeer nail art atΒ The Nailasaurus. I totally adore LakoDom which is the only polish you need to create beautiful snowy nails!


!! A quick update for the Winter Nail Art Contest participants !!

Thank you all soooo very much for your beautiful works! They are now being reviewed by my special friends and I can tell you that they’re having a hard time deciding which one is the best!! But hopefully I can announce the winner sometime this week! I’ll post the winner on this blog, Facebook and Twitter, so please stay connected πŸ™‚


Thank you for visiting!! xxxx