Winter Nail Art Contest

It’s time for a Winter Nail Art Contest!! Well, I call it Happy Holiday Nail Art Contest, because I’d LOVE to see the Winter or Christmas nail art which makes YOU happy this holiday season!

In this post I’ll go into the details about the contest and the prizes!

The rules are very simple…

  • Design a Winter or Christmas nail art
  • Design on your own nails – not on plastic nail tips
  • Take a photo of your nails only – you don’t have to show your beautiful face here
  • One design per person
  • Please do not use other artist’s photos – that’s stealing!

If any of above is not followed, I’m really sorry but your photo has to go bye-byes.

Just to avoid complications over the ownership of your work, I recommend to…

  • Add a watermark or logo of your name/ blog/ website etc. to your photo
  • Keep your original photo as proof

The winner will be determined by the number of votes… so far, or until I come up with a better idea.

Update: The voting system has been turned off and the winner will now be decided by a select group of nail artists!


Okay! At the end of the contest, one of the participants will win a prize of her/ his choice!

One of the options is the Premium Paint Set which includes a 13 colour set of acrylic paints, quality paint brushes & a dotting tool, and a disposable paper palette.

These acrylic paints are very bright and beautiful, the consistency is already runny so you don’t have to spend too much time mixing them with water.

Acrylic Paints



These brushes will be perfect for drawing fine lines!

Paint Brushes


If you are not a painter, you can choose the second option which is a AUD$50 Gift Voucher at Picture Polish!*

Picture Polish

*The gift voucher is redeemable only at the Picture Polish Australian HQ online store. They ship internationally, but PLEASE check their shipping destinations to make sure they ship to your country!

How does that sound?? If you have any other good ideas about this contest, please let us know!! Any questions are also welcome ;D

I hope you and your friends will join and have lots of fun!! Good Luck!! <3 xxxx

Submit your design Here!!