Chick Nail Art

When I first saw the Chick Nail Art, created by a super talented artist Christina (@tinas_polish) on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with it big time! Seriously, I loved it so much that I even showed it to my family which doesn’t happen very often!


Chick Nail Art Design

So, as soon as I closed the IG app, I removed what I was wearing and started recreating her design straight away. Even though it looks super adorable, the process of painting was not hard at all! I think you can see that on the mini tutorial below. I really liked how she added some shadow effects onto the chicks too.


– Chick Nail Art Tutorial –

Chick Nail Art TutorialI used Bright White from piCture pOlish on all nails, and then added Pixelated Sunshine from beyond the nail onto the index and pinky, using a piece of makeup sponge.


Cute Chick Nails

I’m super super happy with how it turned out!! I just love these little chicks so much!!


Cute Baby Chick Nails

This is before I applied the matte top coat. The Pixelated Sunshine looks so shiny and almost like a jelly bean 🙂

I’m sure you know Christina already, but if you don’t it’s totally worth checking her out!!

Thank you!! <3