Mofy Nail Art

I’ve always been fascinated by claymation such as Wallace and Gromit. Even though I don’t know exactly how claymation is produced, I can’t help myself imagining the creators’ hard work!

Anyways, I recently discovered that there is an animation that uses cotton instead of clay. So everything in the animation looks soft and fluffy! Mofy is a Japanese cotton animation character and I instantly fell in LOVE with her as soon as I saw her in the lovely cottonanimation (is this the right word?)!!!


Mofy Bunny Nail Art

So! I wanted to share my love of Mofy with you, and decided to create a Mofy nail art! I used a lot of pink in this design. I even made a few new pink franken polishes (my DIY polishes) to help achieve what I wanted.

I’ll show you the process of making DIY polishes some other time, but today, I have a Mofy nail art video! I hope you enjoy!!


Beyond The Nail Spring Confetti

The highlight of this design is a Spring Confetti pastel glitter polish from Beyond The Nail! I bought this for a Hello Kitty design or something a long time ago. But for some reason I decided not to do that design, and since then I haven’t had a chance to use it. I’m very happy that I finally found an opportunity to use this cutie!!


Nail Art DIY Decals

On the middle and ring of my lefthand, I used DIY decals that I made on a plastic freezer bag. In the photo above, it is obvious that they’re decals because I used a shiny top coat. But the thick, sticker-like look disappears by using a matte top coat!


Mofy Nail Art Design

This is the matte version. The Mofy on my thumb is hand painted, but there isn’t too much difference between the decals and hand paint, don’t you think??


Mofy Nail Art Shiny

This is my righthand, a shiny version.


Mofy Nail Art Matte

I think I prefer the matte look for Mofy! I also like that the glitter doesn’t look so bumpy with the matte look 😀


Thank you for your visit!!