Kimono Mermaid NailsIt’s been nice and warm lately and it’s giving me a great energy! So, I have something energetic and colourful design today! I’d call them Japanese Mermaid Nails!!



Kimono Nails BaseThe outcome looks busy and a little bit eye-hurting, but they started off very simple like these! I used sky blue and lavender nail polishes from the Face Shop.


Kimono Nail ArtI created the gradient all over my nails with pink and blue, and then added some hand painted flowers and mermaid scales on the index and ring fingers. Then I partially covered the thumb, middle and pinkie using a few strips of scotch tape that are cut in random shapes. I created the water marble effect as usual and removed the tape to reveal the gradient and flowers underneath.

It’s a really busy design but I like the colour combination very much! I don’t know where this idea came from, but I knew that I wanted to design something mermaid related, because mermaids are super hot trending (in me) right now ever since I watched the Pirates of the Caribbean 4!

Thank you!!