I have great news today!!

A few of my food related nail art designs have been featured on the bon appétit website!!

My Food Nail Art 3This was from my post on Easter Nail Art – Hot Cross Buns.



My Food Nail Art 2This was from my post on Block of Chocolate Nails



My Food Nail Art 1

And this was from my post on Food Nail Art Contest. The author of this article wrote,

“15. A Little Bit of Everything Nails. These were created for a nail contest, and they DIDN’T EVEN WIN. Congress should probably get on that recount fairly soon before protests erupt. And yes, that is a tiny sushi boat on the thumb, and a teensy coffee on the middle finger, complete with latte art.”

OMG!!! How sweet is this person to say thaaaat?!!! I never expected such a big food website would feature nail art like these!! Because how are you going to cook with these crazy nails?!! LOL

But I’m so happy and grateful for them to include my designs!! Thank you bon appétit – Your website makes me hungry, hehehe!

Thank you!! Bon apétit!!