Independence Day Nail Design

Happy Birthday USA!!

After looking through so many amazing nail designs for this happy occasion, I was so inspired and decided to wear the cool flag design myself too!…even though I’m in Australia lol.

These are what I used for this Independence Day nail design and the mini tutorial to follow. (The combination of red, blue and white is one of my favourites!)

Independence Day Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply nail polish on each fingernail and dry completely. Draw some lines using scotch tape.
  2. Cover a half of the nail with a strip of tape and add blue polish. Draw a couple of white lines the same way as in step 1, and hand paint the stars.
  3. Using the empty hole of the star shaped stickers, draw some stars by filling the hole with white nail polish.
  4. Apply silver glitter on top to complete.



Independence Day Nails

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!