Plaid Nails

This is my very first plaid nails as well as my first attempt at trying stamping!! I really like how they turned out, especially the colours, so festive!!


The green nail polish was one of my newbies – Kryptonite from Picture Polish! Usually, I’m not a huge fan of any green colours, but this one is a HIT!! It has gorgeous rainbow holo specks in fabulous deep emerald green. Look at this beauty!!

Picture Polish Kryptonite


Okay, here is the mini tutorial of the day and I hope you like it 😀

Plaid Nails Tutorial

  1. *Plaid Nails* Apply white nail polish and dry well.
  2. Place 6 strips of scotch tape in the order shown in the photo.
  3. Apply green nail polish on top, and remove tape.
  4. Apply an opaque red polish to fill some square spaces, using a dotting tool.
  5. Add red glitter polish on top.
  6. Draw gold lines with a small dotting tool.
  7. *Stamping* Stamp the design onto a piece of baking sheet. Apply top coat and dry well.
  8. Remove the design carefully and apply it onto the nail. Cut to remove the excess.
  9. Apply top coat to complete.

For the stamping, I used MoYou London Festive Collection 04 plate.


I took the photos in front of my Christmas tree again!! Am I enjoying it a little bit too much??

Christmas Nails

What do you think??

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