Unicorn Nail Art

This is the 10th day of The 31 Day Challenge and so far I’m right on schedule…luckily, hehe 😀

The theme of the day was “Gradient Nails” and I did a unicorn nail art! The inspiration for this gradation colour combination came from this one lady on Instagram – @missbellatracey. Since I saw her pink and lavender gradation I always wanted to try it with unicorns in it 😀

Here is the mini tutorial for this design!

Unicorn Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply white nail polish on all nails, and apply 3 different colour polishes with a piece of makeup sponge to create a gradation effect.
  2. Clean up the skin and cuticle area.
  3. Draw clouds with heavily diluted white acrylic paint. (How to Hand Paint)
  4. Draw a silhouette of a unicorn. *Please use much darker purple acrylic paint than the colour shown in the photo.
  5. Draw the body with white acrylic paint.
  6. Add a few shades of purple to give more definition.
  7. Add pink on the cheek and a little bit on the hair as well.
  8. Draw stars.
  9. Place holograms on all nails. Apply top coat to complete. (How to Place Spangles/ Holograms)

Sorry for the mistake on step 4. I realised the colour was too weak later and I had to add much stronger colour on top as you can see on step 7.

So please use a strong purple at step 4 😀

Thank you for visiting!! <3xxx