Mickey Snowman Nails

These Mickey Snowman Nails were inspired by the very sweet creative lady Hannah from @hannah_nails_it on Instagram! I LOVE all of her awesome character nail designs which always make me happy when I see them.

My Mickey Snowman was pretty easy to do, so I decided to make a video!! But if you prefer the step by step mini tutorial, it follows after the video ;D



Mickey Minnie Snowmen Nails

  1. Apply nail polish on all nails (details below).
  2. For the thumb and middle finger, place two strips of scotch tape diagonally to create a triangle. Fill the triangle with green polish.
  3. Add decorations with white polish using a dotting tool. Add some colours on top (details below).
  4. For the pinkie, roughly draw a Mickey shaped ornament with white acrylic paint.
  5. Add red polish on top.
  6. Draw a snowflake with white acrylic paint.
  7. For the index and ring finger, draw the outline of Mickey and Minnie snowmen with white acrylic paint.
  8. Fill with white polish and add the ribbon and scarf with red polish.
  9. Hand paint the face with acrylic paint. Apply top coat to complete.

– Nail Polishes I used –

  • LakoDom – Picture Polish on the thumb and middle
  • Bette – Picture Polish, and LakoDom french tip on the index and ring
  • Bette and LakoDom on the pinkie
  • Shocked and Bette – Picture Polish, NL E78 and HL E05 – OPI for the Christmas tree decoration

Mickey Mouse Christmas Nails

What do you think?? It’s not too hard to make this design especially the Christmas tree 🙂 Please give it a try if you like it!

Thank you for visiting!! <3 xxxxx