Bonbonribbon Nail ArtApril is flying so fast! (Didn’t I say the same thing last month?) I made this Bonbonribbon nail art for an April nail art challenge on Instagram. I’m super delayed, but there is no way I’m giving up! I’ll stick to the challenge until I complete it!!

Bonbonribbon Milkymimi Nail ArtIn case you don’t know what “Bonbonribbon” is, she is a pink bunny from Japan. And the white bunny is called Milkymimi and they’re good friends. They were both created by the same company as the famous Hello Kitty!

I made a tutorial video of this nail art because it looks kinda cute and fun, but the video turned out to be quite long (almost 5 minutes). I hope you don’t mind the length and my weird voice as always, lol!
– Bonbonribbon Nail Art Tutorial Video –

Bonbonribbon NailsMy absolute favourite pink shade, Fairy Floss from piCture pOlish. I’ve been using it a lot but luckily there is still plenty left in the bottle.
Lavender Nail Polish This lavender colour nail polish is another of my franken polishes! I never thought the DIY polishes could be as good as indies or brand polishes, but they’re pretty awesome so far!! I’ll have to create a dedicated post about my frankens sometime soon!
Bonbonribbon Short Nails You might have noticed on my video, but yes, my current left hand has shorties. I broke three nails over the Easter break and kept the rest long for a while, but they didn’t look good with different lengths, so I decided to chop them all off!
Bonbonribbon Nail Art Design

I hope you like this design and thank you for visiting!!