Mint Flower Nail ArtI pretty much instantly fall in love with any designs with a fresh mint green colour, but sometimes I struggle to find a perfect shade – like a pale aqua with a little bit more green in it.

When I finally found these perfect shades I was too worried to use them all up in a short time and they ended up in the back of my nail polish drawer…until yesterday!! Luckily they are still fantastic!!

Let’s move onto a mini tutorial for this mint flower nail art design, shall we??Mint Flower Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply the lighter green polish on the top half of the nail using a sponge piece or an eye shadow sponge.
  2. Apply the stronger green polish in the same way as in step 1 but only on the free edge.
  3. Hand paint the flowers. (How to Hand Paint)
  4. Apply gold dots with a dotting tool.
  5. Apply top coat and place holograms on top. (How to Place Holograms)


Flower Nail Art Mint

I just realised that I’ve been designing flower nail art nearly every week. And unfortunately there is one more flower nail art which I’m planning to do next, lol.

Hopefully I will come up with something different after that 🙂

Thank you for visiting!!