Chocolate Strawberry Nails

I love celebrating pretty much all of the worldwide events, but I have an extra special feeling towards Valentine’s Day! Because it is the time when my three favourite things in the world come together – strawberries, chocolates and PINK!! These Chocolate Strawberry Nails are the result of those magical ingredients.


This design is very easy and quick to do, so I decided to make a short video to show the process! The video was for Instagram which only allows the video to be 15 seconds in length. So I had to really speed up the original one minute footage. I hope your eyes won’t be spinning by the end of this vid.

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I’ve made the mini tutorial for this design too, hopefully it can be useful if you wanted to recreate!

Chocolate Strawberry Nails Tutorial

The equipment for this design is…

  • Pink glittery nail polish – Grace from piCture pOlish
  • Red nail polish – NL C13 from OPI
  • Dark pink glitter nail polish – Shocked from piCture pOlish
  • Acrylic paints – green, yellow, white and brown
  • Medium and small dotting tools for the leaves and seeds
  • A small paint brush for chocolate drizzle


It’s quite easy to design on the dominant hand because the strawberry leaves and seeds can be done with dotting tools.

Strawberry Chocolate Nails


I hope you have a wonderful lovely Valentine’s Day!!

Strawberry Nail Art