Chocolate Dotticure NailsDotticure nails are not only super easy to do, they also look so cute and fun! Ever since I saw a few pop coloured dotticure nails which looked like gum balls and really sweet, I’ve been wanting to try it with a softer colour combination.

This is the end result – it turned out looking like M&M’s Valentine’s Day edition that I’ve seen in the past few years. I hope you like them and please use the mini tutorial below to recreate the design!

Dotticure Tutorial

Tips: On my thumb and ring finger nails, I left some negative space (the parts you can see my natural nails) on purpose because I didn’t want to overcrowd my nails. For the rest of the nails which look like dotted French nails, I made sure the dots cover my natural free edges. I didn’t want to ruin this sweet colour combo with a flash of cream yellow.


Dotticure Nails

I really like these strawberry milk chocolate colours!! Β They look so sweet and yummy together!! The white nail polish is Alpine Snow from OPI, and the brown is also from OPI but it is very old and probably no one sells it any more. This cute pink nail polish is Fairy Floss and it’s from Picture Polish, if you’re interested.

Thank you for visiting!! <3 xxx