Acrylic 3D Bow Lace Nails

These are my Gothic and Lolita fashion inspired nails! Gothic and Lolita fashion is very popular in Tokyo, Harajuku. There is something about Gothic and Lolita fashion that attracts me, maybe the laces or frills, who knows? I guess I like all the things that are delicate and little bit mysterious.

For the design at the top, I used black polish as the base, and then I added hand painted lacy half moon and polka dots with acrylic nails. The big ribbon in the middle is made with acrylics.


Black Butterfly French Nails

The second one is a simple black and white french look with hand painted butterflies. I added some crystal rhinestones to give them some sparkles.

Gothic Lolita Nail Tips Roses

The last one is my favourite! The hand painted roses with purple rhinestones. I don’t know about the zipper looking lines though, hahaha!

What do you think? Do you think you’d like to wear Gothic and Lolita nails?

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