Recently I received a tutorial request on how to draw flowers on nails. I love flower designs and they’re very easy to create, but sometimes the positioning of the petals can be a little bit tricky. So I always practice drawing a few times on a piece of paper before painting on my nails.


– Hand Paint Practice –

Hand Paint Practice

  1. Draw one small dot in the middle, and then add five more dots around the out side.
  2. Draw an oval / petal shape using the dots as guides. This technique helps when I want to have even gaps between the petals.
  3. Let’s practice with acrylic paint! Squeeze some black paint out onto a paper palette or cooking foil.
  4. Mix with water until it becomes smooth.
  5. Draw the outline of the petal.
  6. Fill inside of the petal.

I know there is nothing special about this, but this is how I practice anyway 🙂

Thank you for visiting!! (^3^)/smooch!!