Thank you very much for your support all through this year while I was working on my website ( Now the website has a new design and packed with nail tutorials! I’ll be very happy if you check them out!!

It’s already coming to the end of 2010, which means it’s Christmas time!! Yaay!!

Today’s nail experimentation is about gradation, using some craft glitter powders I bought recently!

– Glitter Gradation Tutorial –

Glitter Gradation Tutorial

  1. < Equipment > A base colour (Happy Anniversary – OPI), an old top coat which you don’t use as top coat any more. Aqua and white glitter powders.
  2. Apply 2 coats of the base polish.
  3. Pick a small amount of aqua powder using the old top coat brush.
  4. Apply onto the nail, working from the tip of the nail up to about the half way. Repeat to get an even glitter distribution.
  5. Apply more glitter onto the tip to create a gradation effect.
  6. Wipe the brush on a piece of paper towel to clean, before putting it back to the bottle.
  7. Pick some white glitter.
  8. Cover the top half of aqua glitter. Apply a generous amount of top coat to seal.

I thought I could enjoy this powdered glitter gradation as some sort of textured nails, but the glitter keeps on falling, just like those glittery Christmas cards do. That’s why I decided to completely seal it with top coat and simply enjoy the gradation effect 🙂

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