Icy Glass NailsHi!! These are my current nails – Icy Glass Nails, woo! For this design, I used stained glass nail tips to extend my nails. It might be hard to imagine, but there are a few square and triangle shaped dents in the tips, and filling those dents with coloured clear gel creates these gorgeous icy glassy looks.


Acrylic Glass NailsI used blue, aqua, teal and purple gel to fill the tips, and then I overlayed with clear gel. I’ve added some aurora flakes, silver bullion beads and rhinestones to make them even more sparkly!

I’m not used of shaping the nails this long and they look very weird and not so beautiful. But they’re really tough so they’ll definitely protect my natural nails while I’m putting up our Christmas tree which is this weekend. I’ll have to come up with a better Christmas nail design 🙂

Thank you!!