Easy Cat Nail ArtIt is one of my secret dreams to have a cat in the future. I’ve been surrounded by all sorts of different animals through my whole life such as dogs, chickens, budgies, fish, a canary, a rabbit, a cockatiel and some miscellaneous wildlife, but never had a cat! Even though I don’t know much about them, I really enjoyed painting and wearing these cat nail art!


The following is what I used for this easy cat nail art and the mini tutorial, hope you enjoy!Easy Cat Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Prepare 10 strips of scotch tape with the bottom corners cut off
  2. Stick a strip of tape onto the nail and apply white nail polish on top
  3. Hand paint the face with a grey acrylic paint (black + white)  – How to Hand Paint?
  4. Apply matte top coat to complete


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