Pink Candy Corn Nail ArtThe pink and purple combo is my hot favourite at the moment, and I couldn’t help myself to create these pink candy corn nails! Especially after enjoying the regular orange and yellow candy corn nails so much!

Hehe, I was too lazy to use tape to draw stripes so these lines are not straight…sorry!!

I used baby pink: KISS ON THE CHIC – OPI, bright pink: THAT’S HOT! PINK – OPI, and dark purple with blue shimmer: MAGIC POTION – The Hungry Asian.

Pink Candy Corn NailsFor this design, I used Kiss On The Chic (pale pink), That’s Hot! Pink (bright pink) both from OPI, and Magic Potion (dark purple) from The Hungry Asian. I was too lazy to use masking tape for the stripes, that’s why the lines are so messy!

To distract my eyes from focusing on the messy lines, I added some gold glittery stars and it worked out pretty well 🙂

Thank you!!