Despicable Me Agnes Nails

This is my Despicable Me Agnes nails with a couple of sweet ballet themed nail polishes!! I made this design for the November nail art challenge on Instagram, yes it’s December now!! lol Unfortunately I didn’t make it in time. I hope I can do better this month!

For this nail art, I combined two of the challenge themes – “inspired by the name of a nail polish” and “movie nails”. So I decided to use Ballet Slippers (Essie) and Pirouette (Picture Polish) and a hand painted ballerina Agnes and a Minion 😀

Okay! This is the mini tutorial of this design!!

Ballerina Agnes Tutorial

  1. Apply pale pink nail polish on all nails. (Ballet Slippers – Essie)
  2. *Thumb & Pinkie* Draw a heart shape with gold glitter polish. (My Favorite Ornament – OPI)
  3. Add pink and fuchsia polish on top. (Pirouette and Shocked – Picture Polish)
  4. *Ring & Middle* Draw the outline of a Minion and Agnes with black acrylic paint.
  5. Fill the bodies and clothes with white acrylic paint.
  6. Add pink acrylic paint to the clothes and Agnes’s body (make a pale pink by mixing with white).
  7. Add yellow acrylic paint to the Minion’s body. Draw the facial details with black acrylic paint.
  8. Draw their eyes.
  9. Add fuchsia nail polish on their clothes with a dotting tool. Apply top coat to complete.


Picture Polish Pirouette

This Pirouette from Picture Polish is a greyish pink with rainbow foil specks. I thought it was a more pale and softer shade when I saw it on some other blogs and Instagram. It’s beautiful but it’s a little bit too dark for me and I was having trouble finding its use. So the theme of this mani was perfect! ;D Oh well, it happens once in a while when the majority of my shopping experiences are done over the internet.

Have you experienced something like this before?

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