Mysterious Gold NailsToday’s nail art is a little bit scary and mysterious look! Featuring some of my recent nail polish haul from Kae aka The Hungry Asian.


– Step by Step for my Mysterious Gold Nails –

Mysterious Gold Nail Art BaseThis beautiful polish is called Magic Potion. It has a purplish navy blue base and full of small aqua blue glitters!! It’s a shame that the glitter is not showing up on the photo, but it looks amazing under the sun! I used 2 thin coats of this as the base.



Triangle Nail ArtThis gorgeous one is called Peaches and Green. It has tons of gold, green and rainbow glitters and it looks just fabulous!! I used two strips of scotch tape to create a triangle opening, and then I filled the opening with this glitter polish.

I was happy with this combination and I was going to stop right here, but I had an urge to add some mysterious designs on top!
It was so funny, I found a very similar design on Nailside blog too!! Not exactly the same, but I was kind of happy that there was someone who did a similar design on the same day without knowing 🙂


Aztec Gold Nail ArtThis is the completed look. I wasn’t really thinking while I was painting, so I don’t know what I wanted to draw lol It kinda looks like an Aztec design to me. A little bit creepy, hehe.

Thank you for your time!!