Blue Rose Nail Art

Roses are my absolute favourite flowers, especially the peonies! Peony roses make me just as happy as chocolates do, lol. But, I didn’t have the guts to do peony nail art, so I decided to do a simpler blue rose nail art!

Here is the mini tutorial of this design!

– Blue Rose Nail Art Tutorial –

Blue Rose Nail Art Tutorial



Nail Art Blue Roses

I mentioned a little bit in the tutorial about my franken polish. Yes! I made my very first DIY nail polish!! This one is called Wedgewood Blue 🙂

I’ll write more details in another post, but a quick story was that I saw a post about this Australian Franken Polish supplier in the super talented Cassis’s blogThis post. At that time, I wasn’t having much luck getting my hands on new nail polishes I wanted from overseas, because the store was shut for a long time or the shipping will take nearly two months…I’m not that patient, lol.

So! After seeing Cassis’s review of how fast the delivery was and all the other awesome things, I did not hesitate to make an immediate purchase. How have the products turned out? They are AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to tell you about my franken experimentations soon!


Blue Rose Nails

I’ve never tried the one stroke painting technique before, but it works! I’ll have to do this again when there is more sun, so that I can film it at the same time.

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