Cheshire Cat Nail Art

This is my NOTD – The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland (animated ver.). I used much stronger shades of pink and purple than his original colours in the movie.


I found that it is important to draw his eyes as close together as you can. Otherwise he would end up looking like a dodgy old guy smiling at you…as you can see on my right hand!! Hahaha

Okay, please take a look at the mini tutorial for this design of Cheshire Cat Nails!!

Cheshire Cat Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Apply 2 coats of hot pink polish (OPI – NL B68) on all nails. (How to apply nail polish?)
  2. Place a few strips of scotch tape on all nails except for the middle fingers.
  3. Apply purple polish (OPI – NL B87) and remove the tape to create stripes.
  4. Start drawing the Cheshire Cat on the middle fingers. Draw the nose in the middle of the nail with black paint.
  5. Add the eyes and eyebrows.
  6. Add the mouth and whiskers.
  7. Fill the mouth with white paint and draw black lines to create the teeth.
  8. Fill the nose with pink paint. Add nostrils with black paint.
  9. Fill the eyes with yellow paint and add black dots inside. (How to do Hand Paint?)


Cheshire Cat Nail Art Design

Hehe, it’s nice to enjoy an afternoon tea with him :p

It is a little bit too early but this nail art might be nice for Halloween? What do you think??

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