Half Moon NailsThis is my Half Moon Nails for the 31 Day Challenge! The designs got kind of washed away by the strong daylight. Should have used much stronger colours, maybe :p

Let’s move onto the mini tutorial for these half moon nails!!

Half Moon Nails Tutorial

  1. To draw the half moon, imagine the blue dotted line (the future half moon line), and then apply a small dot of nail polish to mark the centre.
  2. Pull the skin down (blue arrow) and draw half of the smile line with a very small amount of nail polish.
  3. Draw the other half in the same way.
  4. Apply 1 or 2 coats of nail polish on top.
  5. Draw some designs with acrylic paint. You can cover any bumpy smile lines at the same time.
  6. Add some glitters and apply top coat to complete.

Half Moon Nail Art

When drawing a rough smile line at the beginning, please make sure to use a minimum amount of nail polish. Otherwise the nails will become too thick with tons of layers of nail polish 😀

Thank you for visiting!! <3xx