Picture Polish Nail Art Quarterly EventYesterday, I had a wonderful opportunity to enter a nail art competition over Instagram. The competition is called “Nail Art Quarterly Event” and it is held by Picture Polish! The participants get to choose up to three Picture Polish shades to design a nail art. The theme was FLOWER POWER!! And can you guess which shades I chose…?


Picture Polish Favourite Three Bright White, Pandora and Fool’s Gold! Pandora was my very first Picture Polish shade and I’m so in LOVE with its beautiful sparkly holos! Bright White has been my pal since I discovered its fast drying time which is critically important when I hand paint on top. And Fool’s Gold is one of the latest additions to my PP family 🙂


Using these three polishes, I created a wavy french flower design to express a swarming power of flowers!! This is only a short tutorial, but I hope you like it 😀

Nail Polish Art Tutorial

It was my first time to draw the small designs without any acrylic paints! To be honest with you, it was really HARD!!! Unlike acrylic paint, nail polishes dry super fast and I had to wipe my brushes constantly with acetone and non-acetone polish remover to keep them clean, as well as preventing them from getting frizzy. I’ll tell you what I did to overcome these challenges in another post!


Polish Flower Nail ArtThis is one of a few experimental designs. I wasn’t so sure about the marble stones, so I didn’t use this one.


Nail Art SwirlsThis one was so so. I liked the swirls but there aren’t enough flowers for the “Flower Power” theme, so it also went bye-byes.


Picture Polish Nail Art Quarterly Event 2015And this is what I settled with! The winner of this event gets to collaborate with Picture Polish to create a shade with them…Ooooh!! THAT SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

Hehehe, but seriously, I’m so glad I pushed myself to apply for this event (normally I’d be too much of a chicken lol), because through this opportunity I already discovered sooo many talented and inspiring nail artists, who I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise!! I’m SUPER happy already 😀

Sorry for the crazy long post today!! Thank you very much for your time!!! <3