Aunty Acid Inspired Nail ArtDo you know Aunty Acid? She is a British cartoon character who speaks her mind with a bit of attitude. She often appears in the meme form with her wicked quotes that a lot of peeps can relate to.


I didn’t know about Aunty Acid until the super sweet Danielle from Aunty Acid asked me to do a nail art inspired by their characters. So, after receiving her request, I started looking through Aunty’s homepage and Facebook page to know what she is all about.


Aunty Acid Birthday Cake

Photo from Aunty Acid

When I first saw Aunty I thought she is really cute with her pink fluffy hair, but then I started reading her quotes that are spot on and like her name suggests, she is a little “acidic”. Some of my favourites are “I need a 6 month vacation, twice a year!” and “We all have that embarrassing email address we made when we were twelve” – so true!


Aunty Acid Halloween NailsSo! This is my first Aunty Acid inspired nail art! It’s a Happy Halloween for Aunty and Walt! Doing Aunty Acid nails was kinda spontaneous and I didn’t get a chance to make tutorials on these designs, I’m sorry!

If you don’t know anything about her and feeling a bit low, please check out her wicked quotes HERE! She’ll give you a few laughs 😀

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