Easter Bunny Nail Art

Happy Easter! It’s been super bust lately and I’m really thankful for this long weekend 🙂 Today, I have an Easter bunny nail art!


Rabbit Nail Art

For this nail art, I’ve used a bright yellow gel nail polish called Mimosa from Madam Glam. In my photos, the yellow colour is almost like a fluorescent colour, but it’s a much softer colour in person and it’s more like a sunflower yellow.


Easter Bunny Nail Art Design

I’ve hand painted the bunny using acrylic paint.


Easter Nail Art Bunny

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to film the step by step for this nail art, but I kind of enjoyed it! It was good to be able to fully focus on just nail art without worrying whether my hand is inside the camera range or not.

It was a super quick post, but I hope you like this Easter bunny nail art! Thank you for your visit <3