Blue Sky Nail ArtEven though winter is coming and the temperature is dropping fast, we are still lucky enough to enjoy some sun and blue skies here in Australia. This blue sky nail art was one of the themes of a nail art challenge in April. Yes, I’m still working on the challenge!!


Ocean Nail artInitially I was thinking of a blue sky nail art with some green grass and bunnies. But I just did a bunny nail art in the last blog post, so I decided to combine nature’s two biggest blues – sky and sea!


– Blue Sky Nail Art Tutorial –

Blue Sky Nail Art Tutorial


Blue Sky NailsThe Navy Blue and Baby Blue polishes I used in this design are my frankens! Well, I named them “Cat’s Blue” and “Peanut Blue” though.

The Cat’s Blue was inspired by the uniform colour of my favourite sports team Geelong Cats Football Club. And the Peanut Blue was inspired by my small stuffed elephant from Beanie Babies (an American stuffed toy company). But I thoughtΒ it’s kind of embarrassing to call them that on the pictorial, so it’s a secret between you and me lol!!

I really have to speed up my posting schedule to finish my April nail art challenge! Otherwise it’ll be summer (on the other side of the world) by the time I finally complete it!!! Hahaha!

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