Beauty and The Beast Nails

It seems like I took theΒ whole month of March off!! I wasn’t on holiday or anything, in fact, I was constantly doing nail art but FAILING many times!! I’m not too sure if my skills are dropping or I’m getting more picky and more effort is needed to get the result I’m happy with…

Enough rant! Because, I have something super exciting to share with you today!! I was invited to do a collab by Martina, aka Pink Flying Cow!!! I’ve been following her and admiring her creations for a long time, so I was SUPER excited when she asked me!!

We decided to create a design inspired by a stunning eye makeup photoΒ created by Ms.Β Tal_Peleg on Instagram!

Beauty And The Beast By Tal Peleg


And the photo below is how mine turned out…

Beauty And The Beast Nail Art

This could be the tiniest character I’ve ever drawn on my nails! I had trouble seeing where my brush tip was going, and at one point in time, my Belle looked super messed up. It’s okay, it made me laugh and I was able to fix it afterwards πŸ™‚


Beauty And The Beast Belle Nails

The photo above is the close up of my Belle. She doesn’t look like the one in the eye makeup photo nor the actual Disney Princess Belle, but I’m proud of how she turned out!


Here is the video of how I made this design, and I hope you enjoy!!


It is so coincidental, but at the same time as when Martina and I decided to do a Beauty and The Beast design, I was also asked by Sandi from CutePolish to make a nail art video aboutΒ Beauty and The Beast!! So, here is my second Beauty and The Beast nail art video πŸ˜€


Beauty And The Beast Stained Glass Nails

I did a lot of hand painting for this design which required a lot of time and effort, but it’s all worth it!!

Thanks to Martina for this super fun collab!! Please check out her YouTube and Instagram for awesome nail art inspirations!


Have you watched the new Beauty and The Beast movie?? I can’t wait to go and watch it soon!!!

Thank you for your visit!! xxox