Animated Nail ArtRecently, I discovered a new hobby of mine which is to create animation, not on paper but on nails!

A while ago, I created my first animated nail art which is about a cat eating a fish lol. It was posted just on Instagram, because it took me only a few hours to make it including editing and I didn’t think it was really blog worthy.ย Surprisingly, a lot of people on Instagram seemed to like it and it received lots of sweet feedback!

Creating the cat animated nail art was fun and, as I mentioned above, it didn’t take too long. So I decided to create another one! This time, I chose a Koala as the main character, because I made this over the Australia Day weekend after making this Australia Day Nail Art.

Here is the Koala Animated Nail Art, and the Cat Animated Nail Art follows after. I hope you like them ๐Ÿ™‚


A video posted by Minnie (@nailbees) on



A video posted by Minnie (@nailbees) on

I’m hoping to make this kind of fun nail art on Fridays and make a series out of them. I’d like to call the series FUN FRIDAY NAIL ART!! What do you think??

Thank you for your visit! Have a wonderful Fun Friday ๐Ÿ˜€