Animal Nail Art Contest TitleDid you know we’re already into SEPTEMBER?! Time sure flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? I was having so much fun organising the new contest prizes and didn’t realise that August is already GONE!! I’m so sorry for the delay, but finally “it” is here!!

Animal Nail Art Contest 2015!!! Are you excited?! Me too!! Let’s go through the rules and prizes together, shall we?? (This time, you can also enter via Instagram!! So don’t miss the info regarding Instagram entries. Plus there is a bonus prize as well!!!!!)


< The Basic Rules >

  • Design an Animal themed nail art – cute, wild, whatever you love about the animal(s)
  • Design on your own nails – Acrylic, Gel and plastic tips glued on your nails are fine, but not just the plastic nail tips.
  • All techniques allowed – hand painting, stamping, stickers etc.
  • Be creative and original – we love to see what design YOU come up with!
  • Take a photo of your nails only – you don’t have to show your beautiful face here 🙂
  • One design per person – please do not enter multiple times using different email addresses!
  • Please do not use other artist’s photos – that’s not cool


<Entry via Instagram> NEW!!

To enter this contest from Instagram, please follow The Basic Rules above and the following:

  • Create one dedicated post for this contest
  • Add a single hashtag #NAILBEESCONTEST5 only, no other hashtags can be included in this post
  • You can post multiple photos of the same design, but make sure that only ONE of the photos has #NAILBEESCONTEST5. So you can have other hashtags in the rest of your photos.
  • In the caption, please include a brief description of your design – What the design is about etc.
  • Tagging us (@nailbees) is optional
  • Following us (@nailbees) is optional

If any of the above is not followed, I’m sorry but your entry will be considered incomplete.

Just to avoid complications over the ownership of your work, I recommend to…

  • Add a watermark or logo of your name/ blog/ website etc. to your photo
  • Keep your original photo as proof

The winner will be decided by a selected group of nail artists and some random people (different people from the previous contest).


< Q&As from previous contests >

Q: Can I change my entry photo?
A: Yes! Please send us your new entry photo through email (info @ nailbees dot com).
A: On Instagram, simply edit your post to remove the hashtag #NAILBEESCONTEST5 and add it to your new entry post.

Q: When will the winner be announced?
A: The winner should be announced within a week from the contest closing date.


Easy peasy!! Now this is the fun part! The winner will get to choose a prize from two options:

Prize Option 1 : Crafty Halloween Set

Nailbees Animal Nail Art Contest Prize 1This set includes – 4 metallic Halloween colour acrylic paints, 4 neon sugar candy charms, 6 neon studs, 6 fuzzy powders, 2 Nightmare Before Christmas nail art stickers, a super tiny nail art brush and paper masking tape.


Nailbees Animal Nail Art Contest Prize 1AThese are the super thin Nightmare Before Christmas nail art stickers! Aren’t they so cute?? And they’re copyright legit! *wink!*


Nailbees Animal Nail Art Contest Prize 1BThese neon cuties are sugar coated candy nail charms (not real food!) and studs! They’re so perfect for “trick or treat” nail art!!


Nailbees Animal Nail Art Contest Prize 1CAnd this is my favourite! Fuzzy powders for animal and velvet nails. I’ve selected very Halloween-y colours – orange, purple, yellow, black, light brown and green! And they come with this tiny spoon!! Don’t worry, the one in the photo is mine. You’ll get the new unopened one 😀


Prize Option 2 : AUD$70 Gift Voucher at piCture pOlish*

Nailbees Animal Nail Art Contest Prize 2

piCture pOlish is definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands and I’d LOVE you to have an awesome shopping experience there! And also they are Australian and I like supporting local businesses 🙂

*The gift voucher is redeemable only at the piCture pOlish Australian HQ online store. They ship internationally, but PLEASE check their shipping destinations to make sure they ship to your country!


NEW!! This time, we also have a bonus prize for the most popular design decided by the audience!!

Nailbees Animal Nail Art Contest Prize CThis pack includes 2 metallic Halloween colour acrylic paints, a super tiny paint brush, 2 fuzzy powders and a paper masking tape! For this prize, I’m thinking of setting up a voting system. I’ll let you know when it’s fully confirmed!


Wow! It was a super long post! Thank you for your patience and reading right through to the end!!

Are you ready to enter?? Please click Here to go to the entry page! Good Luck!!

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