Animal NailArt Contest 2015 VotingA BIG thank you to all the contest participants!! Every entry is so unique, creative and AMAZING!!!

So, for this contest, I decided there will be two winners – 1st place and 2nd place. The 1st place will be decided by a select group of independent people (as per the previous contests), and the 2nd place will be picked by the AUDIENCE!!

Okay, here is a quick how-to on our voting system. Nail Art Contest VotingOn the contest gallery page, each entry has its own “Vote” button. Simply click the button on the design(s) you really like, and that’s it! The voting will close on 11th October 2015. How easy is that?!


Just in case you’re wondering, I put together some possible questions and answers about the voting…

Q: Do I have to vote for one design only?
A: No, you can vote for multiple designs!

Q: Why is the voting count not shown?
A: So the count is a surprise! Just relax and wait for the good news! 😉

Q: When will the winners be announced?
A: Voting closes on 11th October, they’ll be announced shortly after.

Q: What if the 2nd place winner only wanted the gift voucher (1st place prize), and didn’t want to receive the 2nd place product prize?
A: It breaks my heart, but if that’s the case, the 2nd place prize will go to the next most voted artist.

Q: Why is the 1st place winner not picked by audience voting?
A: To avoid our contests from becoming a popularity contest.


Are you ready to vote?? Please go to: Animal Nail Art Contest 2015 Voting

If you have any further questions, please comment below and I’ll add the answers ASAP!

Thank you!!