Contest 2015 03 Winner

BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your participation! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have so many awesome designs from such crazily talented nail artists!! Thank you for being patient, and finally it’s time to announce the winner…

The Spring Nail Art Contest 2015 Winner is… drumroll…

2015 03 Contest Winner

“1st Day of Spring” beautifully created by Herlina!! Congratulations!! This is an absolute masterpiece!!

201503 Contest Winner Herlina

If you are interested in more of her designs, check her out on Instagram: @nanaandhernails

What was the prize for this contest? Find out here!

And of course, don’t forget to check out everyone’s works in the Spring / Easter Contest 2015 Gallery!


They’re all sooo cute and beautiful that I couldn’t help myself creating a little collage of the entries 🙂 Sorry, the image is quite small because I made this for my Instagram post.

201503 Entry Collection


From this contest, I decided to capture your social media links so that anyone who is interested in your designs can go follow your page / accounts!

– Participants and the Links –

  1. Monica (Facebook)
  2. Kayla (Facebook)
  3. Martina (Instagram)
  4. Hannah (Instagram)
  5. Julia
  6. En-Ting (Instagram)
  7. Tiera (Instagram)
  8. Herlina (Instagram)
  9. Dolly Marie (Instagram)
  10. Gab (Instagram)
  11. Andrea (Instagram)
  12. May (Instagram)
  13. Mindy (Instagram)
  14. Maria (Instagram)
  15. Esther (Instagram)
  16. Meg (Instagram)
  17. Celine (Instagram) – Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!
  18. Carolina (Instagram)
  19. Marta (Furious Filer)
  20. Laura (Instagram)
  21. Fatimah (Instagram)
  22. Vanesa (Instagram)
  23. Katharina (Instagram)
  24. Wish (Instagram)
  25. Barbie (Facebook)
  26. Dessima (Instagram)


Lastly, I’ve made a little award badge for every participants! This is a small token of me thanking you for your time and efforts. It’ll be delivered to you via email shortly, and I hope you’ll like it!

201503 Contest Badge Sample


Thank you!!