Bundle Monster Speed Gel Pink WednesdaysDid you know that Bundle Monster has gel nail polishes? I didn’t! Until the super kind Devon from Bundle Monster sent me one for a review! The greatest thing about their Speed Gel is that you don’t need to buff your natural nails before applying! How awesome is that?! Let’s check out how it works!!



Bundle Monster Speed GelIncluded in the package from Devon was a Speed Gel nail polish and a LED curing flashlight! Isn’t this the cutest flashlight you’ve ever seen? It’s PINK!!! As soon as I opened this package it melted my heart 🙂



Bundle Monster Gel PolishThis is the gel polish! The black bottle protects the gel polish inside from UV or LED light exposure. This is because gel nail polish sets (cures) under such lights – Duh! Anyways, this shade is called Pink Wednesdays, and it is part of their Speed Gel Polish collection called Aint No Basic B!tch.



Bundle Monster LED FlashlightAnd this is how the LED Travel Flashlight looks like when it’s on and off! It operates with three AAA batteries. Just in case you didn’t know, do not look at the UV / LED light directly. It may damage your eyes!


Okay! Now it’s time to have some fun! I put together some tutorials on how to apply & remove gel nail polish. I hope you like it!

<How To Apply Gel Nail Polish Tutorial>

How To Apply Gel Polish Tutorial



Bundle Monster Pink WednesdaysTa-daa!! It’s a really pretty candy pink colour with a soft purple / blue shimmer in it. The colour on the polish brush looked much darker and I was worried that it was going to be too strong. But it turned out just perfectly!



BM Gel Polish Pink WednesdaysI was trying to capture the beautiful soft shimmer, but it’s not coming out very well on my camera. You can see it more clearly in person. They look so shiny, even without a top coat!


I like wearing gel polishes because they give my nails extra support to grow longer with their thicker finishes (not too thick like acrylics though). And of course it lasts for a long time!


Well, after having fun, it is very important to know how to remove them properly!

<How To Remove Gel Nail Polish Tutorial>

How To Remove Gel Polish Tutorial


Natural NailsThis is after the removal. It’s in a pretty good condition – no scratches, no stains even though I didn’t use any base coat / base gel! Woohoo!!

If you’d like to try them yourself, check them out from the links below!

Thank you Bundle Monster for these awesome products!