Purple Halloween NailsJust before this happy Halloween period finishes, I’d really like to have a bit more fun with these ghosts and pumpkins!!

This is a recreation of Halloween Tipped Nails that I did a couple of posts ago. I really liked the design and I had to do it again with a different colour combo.

Here is my Happy Halloween nails mini tutorial. This time I decided to put more detail into the tutorial, so that it’s much easier to follow. I hope you like it!

Purple Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

  1. *Ghost* Apply one stroke of purple nail polish (Picture Polish – Pandora).
  2. Add another stroke next to the first stroke. Make sure the start of each streak is a rounded shape.
  3. Apply another streak. The nail polish looks transparent, but don’t worry.
  4. Apply white polish in the same way, leaving a skinny line of purple polish. (OPI – Alpine Snow)
  5. Draw the ghost’s face with a pale purple acrylic paint (purple + white).
  6. Add purple nail polish onto the hand painted face, using a dotting tool.
  7. *Pumpkin* Apply 2 to 3 Β coats of pink nail polish, creating a round shape.
  8. Draw a few vertical lines with a pale purple acrylic paint.
  9. Draw the pumpkin’s face, some vines and leaves with black acrylic paint.
  10. *Bats* Draw the outline of the bat with black acrylic paint.
  11. Fill the shape with black nail polish. (OPI – Black Onyx)
  12. Draw the bat’s face with white acrylic paint, and then fill in with pink nail polish.


Picture Polish PandoraI really like these half painted nails. Even the bats with black nail polish don’t look “too much”. It’s also easy to remove without staining my skin πŸ˜€

Thank you for visiting!! <3xxxx