Pink and Purple Water MarblingI’m a pretty simple person and not really talented at combining different colours. For example, my favourite colour is pink and I was happy with wearing pink nails all the time. But ever since I started my nail designing life I became more curious and I’ve been open to trying out the colours that I’d never chose before.

Those colours that I would have never even touched include purple and green. Today I took a big step forward and used purple in my water marbling design!

For this pink and purple water marbling nails, I used ALPINE SNOW for the base, KISS ON THE CHIC, THATS HOT! PINK and A GRAPE FIT! for the marbling effects, and they’re all from OPI.

I think I like this combo! They remind me of butterfly wings!! What? Not that great? Hahaha 😀
Sorry for not having much photos today 🙁

Thank you for your visit! See you soon!!